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I have a $4,500.Debt on my credit report.

This company Soulmates never provide the service that they stated in there contract now on my credit report and no one will talk to me. I been writeing to the company and no one has even retrun a letter or a phone call, The credit company universal BUsiness datta service stated ther nothing they can do to remove it!

I just found out that company is no longer in business.How do I get this removed from my credit report, No Service so why do I have to pay for something I never received....

Soulmates - Did not deliver as promised.

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In 2002, Soulmates, Tracy, charged $4000< I was to meet 36 possible mates.Over the next few years, I received 15 contacts.

7 I met one time, 1 I met twice, 3 I spoke with by phone, 3 never called, 1 that I turned down, 1 that I would not count I already knew him personally and was not interested. I have all the paperwodk a d notes aout this, also receipts. I can not believe this woman is still in business. I would be happy to join a class action suit against her.

In 2002 , Soulmates had a schaumberg, Il office.I see they are in Palatine now.

Review about: Dsating Service.

Soulmates dating service is a scam. Failure to provide adequate service.

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Please save yourself the headache and inconvenience of being lied to by the owner and employee(s) of this business. The service is an absolute scam in which Tracy promises the world with of course minimal if not 0 return. Once they receive your money or have it directly withdrawn from your bank account they mysteriously vanish, i.e. do not answer/return calls. The dating service was to provide several different people whom match the desired traits and characteristics discussed during the initial consult. None of the people (three over the course of several months) sent matched the criteria discussed and all of them admitted they did not believe Tracy's service was ideal and that they were ripped off as well. Currently, I am attempting to negate this contract but the service continues to deduct money while providing no communication from Tracy and her employees and any new dating matches.

According to the BBB, this business rated an F due to:

* Failure to comply with arbitration decision or mediated settlement.

* 42 complaints filed against business

* Failure to respond to 4 complaints filed against business.

* One complaint filed against business that was not resolved.

Review about: Dating Service.



Tracy is a liar and master manipulator. She told me while pressuring me to sign the contract that she would not make any more money if I did so. I found out the day through Internet research that she was the owner.

She also told me that when she does the matching herself, she has a 97% success rate. I don't actually think anyone thinks about the matches, though, because they consistently sent me men I would not have dated through

She told me that if I spoke to a match by phone but decided not to go out with him, he would not be counted among the eight I'd paid for. She later denied that we had had that agreement and refused to make me any more matches. This from the same lady who had hugged me and promised, "I will not let you down."


I have found someone who has the law backround to guide us with our case against Tracy & "Soulmates".He is also seeking damages for himself.

I would like to forward him your contact info.Please send me your phone # ASAP if you would like to be included.



I have found someone who has the law backround to guide us with our case against Tracy & "Soulmates".He is also seeking damages for himself.

I would like to forward him your contact info.Please send me your phone # ASAP if you would like to be included.


Angry Kelly

Can't get laid, huh? :p

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Soulmates Palatine Illinois

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This happened a few weeks ago, but I just haven't been able to get it off my mind.

I'm a business owner and one day my admin. assistant asked me whether there was any way to get out of a contract she had entered into with a dating service called Soulmates. I told her that depends on the terms of the contract, and asked if I could see it.

She told the dating service had never provided her with a copy. So I told her to just call and ask them to fax her one and I'd take a look.

Well, she was on the phone for quite a while and didn't seem to be getting anywhere. I was getting a little impatient to get back to work, so I gestured her to hand me the phone, and told the operator that I was her boss, and asked if there any reason she couldn't just send her a copy of her contract?

The woman promptly hung up the phone on me! I tried calling back several times--and couldn't get an answer! I then called on a different line, and immediately got an answer, but when I asked why she had hung up on me, she started screaming, accusing me of being "rude" to her, and then threatened that if I called again, she would report me to the police!

What? I've been in business for many years and advocate for clients all the time with banks, federal and state agencies, etc., and have never before received such unprofessional response or ruder attitude before in my life! Especially after my assistant told me that she had paid over $4,500 for this "dating service" to set her up with 14 referrals! WHAT? $4,500 to go out with 14 men?

As her employer, I know how much she makes and that she doesn't have that much "disposable" income, so I asked what possessed her to do such a thing?

She explained that she had recently discovered that she had been a victim of an on-line "romance scam" and was devastated and extremely vulnerable when this "Soulmates, Inc." solicited her by phone, convincing her to go to their office by telling her a "mutual friend" had suggested they call her. I asked her if she had any idea who this supposed "mutual friend" might be, but she couldn't think of a single person, especially since she hadn't told anyone her on-line "boyfriend" was in reality, a scammer. As far as all her friends knew, not only was she still in a relationship with him--but they were planning on getting married!

My assistant told me that at Soulmate's office, the interviewer asked her if, she believed in love at first sight? and implied that Soulmates could make that happen for her. She also assured her that they had a lot of "really great guys" and that she would "work closely" with her to find her perfect "soul mate." She was also told that they would match her up with dates in accordance to the specifications she selected, and after that, it would just be a matter of "chemistry."

The interviewer also asked "Are you ready for this?" and other questions that she said made her feel that she had to prove that she was "worthy" of their services, but what cinched the deal is when she questioned her extensively about her "dating history" until she broke down and started crying, and told her all about her on-line scammer boyfriend. From there, all the interviewer had to do to get her to sign was put her arm around her for comfort--and give her assurance that they run extensive background checks on all their applicants, so she shouldn't to worry about being "scammed" again! Oh, and of course, she was also told the $4,500 deal was good "for today only," pressuring her to sign immediately.

Well, it's been a couple of months, and they've set her up with 2 guys. The first had facial hair--which she had specified in writing was a "turn-off" for her, and the second, well, not only was he a specific physical type that she had explicitly written on her form she was absolutely NOT attracted to, but he spent their date lecturing her on how a "proper woman" should behave! And at $4,500 for 14 "matches," for this, she paid $321.43 each!

To get a copy of the contract she signed, she had to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, and when I checked their website, I found that there have been 48 complaints registered against this company in the past 3 years, and the company has a rating of NR, or "not rated", which is usually a result of either the company not being in business long enough, or because of the number of outstanding issues against it. As this company has been a member of the BBB for over 10 years, they've certainly been in business long enough to have received a rating.

The general complaints that have been registered against this company with the BBB include: Advertising misrepresented a service, unauthorized credit card charges, failure to honor a contract or agreement, failure to provide promised support or assistance, failure to respond to phone calls or written request for assistance or support, product quality issue, failure to provide promised refunds exchanges or credit, failure to honor refund exchange or credit policies. Along with sales presentation complaints, including: misrepresentation of product, misrepresentation of service, and failure to disclose key conditions of offer. There were also 10 service complaints, including: failure to honor the service estimate or agreement, and improper or inferior service. Along with a number of "unspecified" complaints.

Again, 48 in all that have been filed against this company with the BBB for resolution. With my assistant's, the number is now 49. By contrast, the Wal-Mart in Palatine has had only 2 complaints filed against it in the past 3 years, and the local Best Buy I shop at has had none. I also checked a number of other businesses I frequent, and not a single one of them has had ANY complaints filed with the BBB against them.

I then called several people I know in the dating service industry who told me that the number of men who employ dating services usually far exceeds the number of women--like 10 to 1 or more! I was also advised that as I described her as a "rather pretty young lady", by now she should virtually be "swimming in dates!" Well, I don't know about that, but only 2 after several months? And both who not only was she completely incompatible with, but actually found repulsive? Oh, she's been actively dating, several times a week no less--but not with Soulmate's referrals, she doesn't any problem finding dates. Oh, I was also told that to help improve their male/female ratios, the rates for women are usually sharply discounted, no where near $4,500, not even for men.

I'm sorry, but in my opinion for $4,500, if this company isn't capable of delivering on the services they led her to believe they could, then they shouldn't have taken her money--or should now refund it! I guess it goes without saying that when she finally received the contract she had signed, I didn't see much in the way of any provisions for recourse.

I'd really like to hear from anyone else who's had any similar or other negative experiences with this company.

Review about: Dating Service.



Hi Gary GRA*


Email me at chevca(the actual number one)us(at) yahoo(dot) com


I'm having issues with them myself and they seem uniclined to help or work with me. Would your employee or anyone else for that matter be interested in getting together and contacting a news agency like fox. I know they have local news listed on the site might help to get a negative story out for them so if someone googles them they know how this place runs.


yes, same thing happen to me, I call and no return call,or e-mail.So just remember the more people speaking up the better, don't hide we will help each other.

Trust me this will work.So let's get to work!.


Entity Name TRACY'S TREASURERS, INC. File Number 59412752



Qualification Date (Foreign) 05/13/1997 State DELAWARE

Agent Name RICHARD M COLOMBIK Agent Change Date 07/14/2004


Agent City ITASCA Secretary Name & Address SAME

Agent Zip 60143 Duration Date PERPETUAL

Annual Report Filing Date 04/16/2010 For Year 2010






BBB Rating for Soulmates

Based on BBB files, Soulmates has a BBB Rating of F on a scale from A+ to F.

Reasons for this rating include:

•Failure to comply with arbitration decision or mediated settlement.

•43 complaints filed against business

•Failure to respond to 2 complaints filed against business.

•One complaint filed against business that was not resolved.

Click here for an explanation of BBB Ratings

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Business Contact and Profile for Soulmates

Name: Soulmates

Phone: (847) 359-9601

Fax: (847) 359-9624

Address: 800 E Northwest Hwy Ste 500

Palatine, IL 60074-6511


Original Business Start Date: March 1997

Principal: Ms. Marcia Engle, Member Service Director

Customer Contact: Ms. Marcia Engle, Member Service Director - (847) 359-9601

Email Address:

Type of Business: Dating Service, Personal Services

BBB Accreditation: Soulmates is not a BBB Accredited business.

Additional DBA Names: Soulmates Relationship Experts

Tracy's Treasures

Business Management

Additional company management personnel include:

Mrs. Tracy Choubmesser - Owner & President

25471 N. West Oakwood Drive

Sales History (2001-present)

$453,000 on May 14, 2004

Buyer: Tracy C Choubmesser

Customer Complaint History for Soulmates

When considering complaint information, please take into account the company's size and volume of transactions, and understand that the nature of complaints and a firm's responses to them are often more important than the number of complaints.

BBB processed a total of 43 complaints about Soulmates in the last 36 months, our standard reporting period. Of the total of 43 complaints closed in 36 months, 12 were closed in the last year.

These complaints concerned :

- 1 regarding Billing or Collection Issues

1 - Unauthorized credit card charges

- 10 regarding Contract Issues

7 - Failure to honor a contract or agreement

3 - None of the Above - Contract Complaint Issue

- 11 regarding Customer Service Issues

3 - Failure to provide promised assistance or support for products or services

2 - Failure to respond to phone calls or written requests for assistance or support

6 - None of the Above - Customer Service Complaint Issue

- 1 regarding Product Issues

1 - None of the Above - Product Quality Complaint Issue

- 5 regarding Refund or Exchange Issues

1 - Failure to honor promised refunds, exchanges, or credit

3 - Failure to honor refund, exchange or credit policies

1 - None of the Above - Refund or Exchange Complaint Issue

- 7 regarding Sales Practice Issues

2 - None of the Above - Sales Complaint Issue

1 - Sales presentation did not disclose key conditions of the offer

2 - Sales presentation misrepresented the service

1 - Sales presentation used dishonest sales practices

1 - Sales presentation used high pressure methods

- 8 regarding Service Issues

1 - Failure to honor service estimate or agreement

5 - Improper or inferior service

2 - None of the Above - Service Complaint Issue

These complaints were closed as:

- 28 Resolved

4 - Company resolved the complaint issues. The consumer acknowledged acceptance to BBB.

20 - Company addressed the complaint issues. The consumer failed to acknowledge acceptance to BBB.

2 - Company offered a partial (less than 100%) settlement which the consumer failed to acknowledge acceptance to BBB.

2 - Complaint was settled through arbitration in accordance with their BBB agreement.

- 12 Administratively Closed

3 - BBB determined that despite the company's reasonable effort to address complaint issues, the consumer remained dissatisfied.

9 - Company agreed to arbitration in accordance with their BBB agreement, but the consumer declined.

- 1 Unresolved

1 - Company failed to meet the terms of an arbitrated decision in accordance with their BBB agreement.

- 2 No Response

2 - Company failed to respond to BBB to resolve or address the complaint issues.


I had the same experience too. I won BBB case and have not received a refund.They should be stopped.

to Susan Chicago, Illinois, United States #687853

I am working on this case against soulmates, talk to marcia engel and I will start working on this case myself, you can contact any time on this matter also I will give you updates as well. 8)


I had the same experience. Please contact me.

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